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Post-frame buildings are pre-engineered wood-frame construction systems. The walls feature laminated columns, also called posts, instead of wood studs, steel framing or concrete masonry. Post-frame buildings have evolved greatly from the early days when agricultural buyers built “pole barns” and “pole sheds.”

Post-frame structures are more quickly erected than other kinds of buildings. Because the larger posts and the interlocking frame can handle greater loads than stud-wall construction, fewer structural materials are needed – which saves on material and installation costs. Post-frame buildings transfer loads to the ground through the posts, which are typically embedded in the ground or surface-mounted to a concrete pier or masonry foundation.

Also, because posts are spaced farther apart than studs, there are fewer interruptions in insulating materials. Post-frame buildings feature an exceptionally large wall cavity for ample insulation, which allows for lowered heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

With its roots in the agricultural market, post-frame is now the construction method of choice for any number of commercial, retail, industrial, residential, religious and public building needs. Due to the nature of its design and many external façade options, post frame may be customized to provide virtually any look.

In addition to new construction, post-frame is also an effective and versatile choice for building additions and remodeling projects.


Get affordable payment options from multiple lenders

Get affordable payment options from multiple lenders


When considering a post-frame builder for your new building, make sure they are using screws to attach the steel panels. Screws have much greater pull-out resistance than nails.

This is critical as weather elements are constantly working on the materials in your building. Heat causes expansion and cold causes contraction of materials. When these temperature cycles are combined with wind, moisture and weight from snow, Nature is constantly trying to “back out” those fasteners. And once they loosen, the structural integrity of your building is compromised.

Wick’s “wood grip” screws have 122% more pull-out resistance than nails and are standard for attaching roof and sidewall steel, insuring that your building has the maximum resistance to Nature.

We use Screws for a stronger made building

Wick’s “wood grip” screws have 122% more pull-out resistance than nails

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